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Foxton Creative launches Openhour's new website

Foxton Creative launches Openhour's new website

Openhour is an Employee Analytics company working with major brands and creative agencies. Their revolutionary product Timetracker automatically tracks your work and creates a timesheet for you. Foxton Creative launched their new business website targeted at CFOs, and helped to automate their marketing funnels. Foxton Creative is also helping Openhour reform their product strategy.

New Services Now Available

Today we are adding the following new services:


Foxton Creative has partnered with Roland Motion Graphics to create highly shareable animated videos that help explain your product's value proposition in under 30 seconds. Check out Roland's impressive portfolio.


Foxton Creative can help you find the perfect logo, color scheme and design motifs to help your brand hit all the right notes.


Foxton Creative has been creating flyers for art and music events for years, and can bring this experience to bear for your next event.


Your user experience design can make or break your software product. Joe Foxton has spent the last 15 years designing user experiences for leading software products. Joe uses Balsamiq to create rapid wireframes to design the layout, flow and behavior of the user experience. Joe then applies your brand's look, font, feel and color scheme to the wireframes to create high fidelity mockups that can be passed to your software development team for building.