Foxton Creative launches a music sales & trends dashboard for Seed

This month, we launched the Sales & Trends dashboard for music distribution company, Seed, helping their clients to see how their releases are doing on iTunes, Spotify, and many other digital music distribution outlets.

Seed is a boutique music distribution company known for its exceptional curation and taste. Trusted by iTunes, Spotify, Beatport, and other leading music outlets, Seed delivers and markets releases from the very best music labels. In an effort to keep up with much bigger competitive companies, Seed needed a an online system to allow labels to submit new releases along with the digital music files and complete metadata. The Seed team reviews and approves the releases, then the system automatically pushes the approved releases to iTunes, Spotify, Beatport and hundreds of other music outlets. The system also acts as a searchable digital asset management system for all of Seed's customer's back catalogs of music & metadata.

Foxton Creative worked with software development houses CivicLabs and TeamRio to build the system.

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