Mediasilo Go

iPhone / iPad App

From concept to AppStore, Foxton Creative development partner PrismLabs designed and built an elegant and intuitive interface of MediaSilo Go, letting TV & Film producers upload, review and store their video from anywhere.

Seed Music Distribution System


Seed is a boutique music distribution company known for its exceptional curation and taste. Trusted by iTunes, Spotify, Beatport, and other leading music outlets, Seed delivers and markets releases from the very best music labels. In an effort to keep up with much bigger competitive companies, Seed needed a an online system to allow labels to submit new releases along with the digital music files and complete metadata. The Seed team reviews and approves the releases, then the system automatically pushes the approved releases to iTunes, Spotify, Beatport and hundreds of other music outlets. The system also acts as a searchable digital asset management system for all of Seed's customer's back catalogs of music & metadata.

Foxton Creative worked with software development houses CivicLabs & PrismLabs to build the system. The system is scheduled to go live in late 2016.

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Working with PrismLabs was one of the best decisions I made during the early stages of launching my company. The fact that I was able to sit down and have a face-to-face meeting to go over the problem my customers had made me confident TeamRio was up to the challenge. I felt they really understood WHY I wanted to build my product and help me figure out a roadmap from wireframes to the finished app. The communication was great, the turnaround time was quick, and the finished products is clean and stable. Highly recommend.
— Cal Brunell, Co-Founder, Everyday Speech

Everyday Speech, a provider of iPad apps for Special Education, approached Foxton Creative's Brazilian contingent, PrismLabs with a problem. While successful, they couldn’t take their apps to the next level because they weren’t managing their content in the cloud. Without a dynamic content management system, they were slow to adapt to their customers needs and couldn’t deliver new content to students quickly and efficiently.

PrismLabs worked with Everyday Speech to create a remote Content Management System that allowed the company to manage their apps remotely and add new lessons from anywhere in the world. In order to accomplish this goal, TeamRio needed to do three things: build a custom Content Management System to fit their lessons, build an API to facilitate communication, and modify Everyday Speech’s existing apps to accept and present the remote content.

In addition to the CMS, PrismLabs also created and implemented an updated design that provided a modern, clean look and feel, while seamlessly integrating the new functionality.

My Turn


My Turn is an iOS app designed to make kids' playtime more fair, and more fun. Its a children's playtime timer, with cues, colors, and sounds that can be understood by children of any age. Foxton Creative defined the requirements, and drew wireframe designs, then PrismLabs designed the user interface and developed the application. All in a few weeks.